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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Three guesses what I got trained on at work today, but the first two don't count. I've been requesting this for about a year!

fork lift

It will be nice that when I do leave there I'll at least have learned one skill other than following directions.

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Lin said...

I think our forklift guys get certification to drive those. I'd have to check, but that might be nice to have on your resume.

You are always doing something interesting, Shark. :)

Anonymous said...

Was it as much fun as you expected?!!

John Sealander said...

This sounds more fun than some of those other machines you've worked with at the paper...

Ann said...

I was going to mention the same thing as Lin. At the store there are only 3 people who can operate the fork lift and they are certified. There's someone that comes in and tests them on it.

Secondary Roads said...

So you'll be a Hyst meister. That's great.

vanilla said...

Top tip from the Old Operating Engineer: Keep the forks low when running on empty.

Have fun.