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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lots of Crawling

Lots of crawling, no other changes.

This morning, they had moved up to the very top leaves of the milkweed.

milkweed tussock caterpillars

When I got home this evening, they sure weren't up top. The yellow oval is the leaf they were on yesterday. The red is where they were this morning.

milkweed tussock caterpillars

They had all fallen or crawled down to the bottom leaves. This is the first time they've moved downwards. Everything below them is covered with frass. That's a technical word for caterpillar poop.

milkweed tussock caterpillars

No sign at all of the big guys. This tale may be just about told.

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Ann said...

Well that explains why they kept moving up. It's amazing how fast they can eat those leaves

Secondary Roads said...

Further proof that frass trickles down. This has been a very interesting tale and fun to follow.

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