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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flowering Spurge

I seem to be on a roll with plants. Here's one of the Euphorbia that grow wild and are native here, commonly called Flowering Spurge The family Euphorbiaceae has over 300 genera and 7500 plants in it. Most are tropical, and some are very strange. It's one of my favorite genera. I've showed you a lot of pictures of them taken at the Philadelphia Flower Show. See link at end.

I love the little bright white flowers! But just like the poinsettia (another Euphorbia), the colored part is a bract, not a petal. The actual flowers are tiny, in clusters at the center of the bracts. Compare the ant for size. Also, see the stamens sticking straight out of each flower?

flowering spurge

Euphorbia corollata grows in open, sandy areas, like along roads or railroad tracks. The white is so bright, and the growth form somewhat unique that I can usually spot it with drive-by botanizing.

flowering spurge

The leaves grow alternately up the stem, and then there is a whorl at the top and the flower stalks radiate out of that

flowering spurge

I was quite pleased to spot some today. Also, got to drive a nice back road! This is Astor Road. I'll have to drive it again in the fall to look for Asters. Har har.

Astor Road

See Euphorbia
See Cumberland Spurge
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rainfield61 said...

The white is so bright,

so is the beautiful day.

I am starting mine, but good night to you.

Ratty said...

Beautiful little flowers. I think the little ones are my favorite.

Ann said...

Pretty little flowers. I would have thought they were much bigger if it weren't for the ant

RNSANE said...

You drive in such pretty places. Mostly I am in freeway country though I'm only two hours from the beautiful Sierras and I really should get up there and visit sometime. It's been far too long.

The Furry Gnome said...

I love back roads like that one!

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