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Monday, January 30, 2017

It's Still Socks

Technically, I guess I should say sock, since I'm still on the first one, and my friend does have two legs and feet.

fancy socks

Anyway, today I'll 'fess up to my two major mistakes. I'll call them learning experiences, but even so... One may be "fatal." We shall see.

First of all, I am creating these by looking at a couple of pictures and having knit a lot of socks in the past. My first big mistake was in thinking they were knit from sock yarn. The ones she showed me were almost certainly made with sport yarn which is a little heavier than sock yarn, but not as heavy as worsted weight (4-ply, the "normal" yarn you make all kinds of things from). This mistake only matters in that there are more stitches required and the designs will look more delicate/detailed. No big deal, just a little more work.

The second mistake may mean that I'll have to give this pair to someone else and make another. Since they are to be over the knee, I began with a plenty-wide top based on measuring my friend's leg. However, I decreased a bit too soon below the knee. I only have my own legs to try them on. I can get them on just fine, but the section with the white vertical ribs becomes more stretched out than I'd like. We'll have to see how they fit the person who wants them.

At any rate, I'm approaching the ankle so I'm doing a long section of ribbing to help them hold their shape. And I'm still having fun.

Tomorrow it's back to work, so the knitting time will be curtailed. And hopefully no manic knitting insomnia.

Sorry, no outside pictures. There's not a lot to see. Too little snow, gray skies, too cold to work on the trailer. I'll stick with brightly colored yarn.

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1 comment:

Ann Thompson said...

I'm impressed that you can do this without a pattern. I would have a hard enough time with a pattern