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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ready to Start the Heel

I did manage to get a little more knitting done today. I'm ready to start the heel tomorrow!

knee socks

It looks like a really simple section, but I had to take several rows out twice. Once I started doing ribbing, I limited my choices of pattern things I could do. And I had a goofy number of stitches. And I learned that it's quite a feat to turn ribbing into cables, despite the fact that it looks like a natural progression.

knit cable

Tomorrow is my early work day, so I'm headed to bed.

I took the project to work, and the friend says they will fit fine. Also, I took it by the yarn shop because I was hoping to get some longer double-pointed needles in this size. No luck on that, but they were kind of impressed which made my ego feel good.

See It's Still Socks
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