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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Windowpane Promotional Afghan Done!

I'm afraid I imposed on the winner of this afghan because she is a friend. I didn't get it done as quickly as I might have. On the other hand, It's either the first or second fastest I've ever finished a project of this size, so I get maybe half a brownie point.

I REALLY like it, but am not at all sorry to give it away. I just like making stuff.

windowpane afghan

Here is is in progress, nine months ago.

windowpane afghan

Want to see a closer view of the finished edge?

windowpane afghan

And for those who like to see the back of handmade things, here you go.

windowpane afghan

OK. I crocheted for five straight hours to get this done. It took an hour each time I went around the outside edge. Now I'm going to bed.

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1 comment:

Ann Thompson said...

I really lik this. Amazing ow different the back side looks.