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Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Trailer- Redo Day 2- More Destruction

Did I say any fool can take things apart? I may have been mistaken.

Today I tackled removing the air conditioner. After disconnecting a few more wires, I easily slipped it out of its housing, and then pulled off the vent ducts. (this picture taken after the fact.. after dark, in fact!)

air conditioner housing

Then there were four bolts that went through the trailer floor. That took some scootching (is that a word) under the trailer, and figuring a way to jury rig a screwdriver and vicegrips above to keep the bolt from turning in the hole (I'm working alone, you know). After I got them out I thought I could just pull that unit away from the wall and carry it out.


It won't budge at all. It's been firmly fiberglassed right to the side of the trailer. This shows the edge of the hole behind the air conditioner with the ventilation cover removed. This could be a challenge. I don't even know how to start dealing with that except to cut out an even bigger hole in the side of the trailer (and I don't like that solution). Will be looking at youtube videos tonight!

air conditioner housing

So, I turned my attentions to getting the water tank out from below the left side (right side of the picture) of the seating/bed. The previous owner may not have made a plan that I like, but he sure didn't do shoddy work. In fact, he really overbuilt things for use in a flexible trailer. What a job to remove that bench top! And that seating will be re-usable, so I don't want to destroy it. I did have to break the paneling on the back wall to get it down but that was just cheap stuff I don't want. No big deal except for the slivers I got when it broke.

trailer bench

I did get that side completely out. Lots of wires to sort out and eventually fasten somewhere instead of just running them loose behind paneling. I'll have to cut the wires to the trailer lights to get the air conditioner housing out anyway since they are run through the legs. Not an issue- they could be joined better anyway, but I'll wait till it's necessary to cut them.

gutted fiberglass trailer

Those few things took almost two hours if you can believe it. I screwed the ventilation cover back on and temporarily plugged the vent holes to keep critters out. Clean up and close up finished my allotted time. With no garage or any inside place to work I have to close up the trailer each day.

air conditioner housing

Now, I need a place in the house to store all the cushions and other goodies the trailer has accumulated since I bought it. I stowed them under the dining room table, but they may not be able to live there for 4 months or so. Then again, why not?

Took a walk at dusk. Love the light on this tree.

light on tree at dusk

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Ann said...

You never fail to impress me with all the things you can do. Not only would I be afraid to cut any wires but I wouldn't know how to fix them after I did.

vanilla said...


Gordon said...

I do not know what size of the AC hole may be but a possible fix is to cover the hole with a RV baggage door so you can access some storage from the outside.