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Monday, January 2, 2017

Some Favorite People Pictures of 2016

It will be obvious that I didn't take two of these, since I'm in them. And there were some events where I didn't get any pictures.

But these are some of my favorite people events of 2016. I actually, for a change, can pick the very best of all. This happened in September, when I got to hike with my good friends Dan and Ruth as they finished walking the entire North Country Trail. This was in North Dakota, and you can sure see how happy they were.

happy people
After that, the rest are presented in chronological order. I can't really rank them.

In June, Marie and I took my little camper to make our continuing section hike on the Buckeye Trail a little easier. I like this picture because it's a look forward to when I hope to be able to spend more time in the trailer, and I'm always super happy doing anything with Marie.

happy people
In July, Ester, with sidekick Jade, began spotting me to hike more miles in Ohio. I love this picture taken at a park in Cincinnati. Ester says she's happy to get to play with me even if she can't walk. Jade loves the trips and attention, and I get to walk and see both of them.

happy people
In August, Ester and I went to Ohio again. It was hot, hot, hot, but on the last day we happened to run into a Buckeye Trail volunteer who had also helped me a number of years ago in southern Ohio! Neither of us is going to win any beauty contests here. My hair was soaked with sweat, I was one mile from finishing that whole section and my feet were killing me. But I think you can tell that it didn't matter. We were also happy, happy, happy.

happy people
Later in August, I attended a bridal shower for a young friend, Valory. Some of her guests were too young to know what it was all about, but they were having a good time. The girl on the left is the granddaughter of another long-time friend of ours. Tempus fugit.

happy people

Finally, a favorite work photo from September. This was the day we were all sent to the park to help set up for the boat show, and we were feeling goofy. This was the result.

happy people
I'm not much of a people person, but some of them mean a lot to me!

(Once again, if your picture isn't here don't make ANY assumptions except that I didn't end up with a picture I really like. Maybe you'll get lucky next year.)

Although I couldn't catch its picture, an eagle flew over our field today. Perhaps it's a good sign.

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Secondary Roads said...

You do have good friends.

Ann Thompson said...

I hope you as many if not more happytimes this year