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Monday, January 23, 2017

My Trailer - Redo Day 3 - I Bought the Loo

It was a day full of activity, although there isn't a lot to show for it, and certainly not a lovely nature picture. I went shopping in the morning and did come home with the Campa-Potti. In the way I anticipate using the trailer there may be times when I can neither access a public restroom or find a patch of woods, so this is necessary even if it won't be used too much. And I needed to have it in order to plan the space it will occupy. It was awesome to find it locally.

marine toilet

Then I shopped for the tool I need to cut fiberglass. Can't get what I want locally, and finally ordered one. I'll show you more when that comes.

I also double checked the floor size and looked at vinyl flooring. The best way to go is find a roll end remnant because you can often get 6x12 foot pieces at a great discount, and that is large enough. I'll have to frequent flooring places and maybe I can find one I like better than the ones I saw today. Nothing was awful, but looking is cheap and maybe I can find something I really like. There's no rush since I can't use the glue until it's warmer out.

Took all the things I've separated from the trailer outside and divided them into junk, not sure, and definitely re-use. The trailer was getting really full of loose boards and foil. Managed to stuff the good pieces in a weather-proof building that was already full. Now there's room to continue ripping things out.

Then I wrote a chapter of Dead Mule Swamp Druggist, and went to a meeting for book promotion.

As I said, a full day. That's good. I'm happy that I seem to have high energy and motivation at the same time for a few days.

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Loritenor said...

Fun watching the process and excited with you each time you find a piece to the overall plan. I can tell you have done a lot of visualizing and planning.
And yay for energy!

Secondary Roads said...

This is turning out to be a most informative series. It is also fun to watch the transformation of that tiny space.

Ann Thompson said...

Shopping remnants is a good way to go. We bought catpet that way once and got a great deal