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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Shapes of Trees- the Mystery Cherry

Continuing the series of winter tree shapes, I bring you the mystery tree that has been determined to be some sort of cherry. Probably an agricultural cherry gone wild. Past posts listed at the end follow the clues if you are interested.

In any case, it's a really handsome tree in any season, even winter.

hybrid cherry tree

I love looking across my back field to see what it looks like. Here's the summer version

hybrid cherry tree

And in fall it's usually a beautiful flaming orange.

hybrid cherry tree

It's even served as the avatar for this blog when Entrecard was alive and kicking.

hybrid cherry treehybrid cherry tree

Which brings me to an interesting coincidence. A blog I followed back then by Jerry Beuterbaugh would feature other blogs that had family-friendly content every Sunday. Jerry has taken this a step farther, and now has a site called Site Hound Sniffs that is a compilation, by category, of blogs you don't need to be wary to visit. He let me know yesterday about his new site, and I've provided a graphic... using this tree, and done in the style of the old avatar. If you're looking for some other interesting blogs to visit, check out his lists.

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Unknown said...

Thank you so very much! Your graphic looks great!

Secondary Roads said...

I remember that avatar very well. Those Entrecard days were interesting and had me in touch with a lot more bloggers than I follow these days.

Ann Thompson said...

I sure dont miss all the dropping from the Entrecard days but it led me to so many wonderful blogs