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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Turkey Soup Fog

Yes, I know the expression is pea soup fog, but sorry, I have turkey soup.

I'd really like to bring you something new and different every single day. Unfortunately, my life (probably yours too) is not quite like that. Turkey soup follows turkey. Fog shows up regularly in the chilly damp.


Sometimes I like to think of "facts" as hard little nuggets of some material harder than titanium or diamond. Nevertheless, the circumstances which intervene between the facts and my perception of them may alter things considerably. Remember the March photo in best pictures of 2016? I'll just remind you.

winter scene

Here is that same landscape today. OK, the trees have grown another 10 months, but it's basically the same picture.


And the turkey soup. This year's iteration for enjoyment- yours must be visual (unless you visit me in the next few days) and mine will be gustatory.


It's good. That's my opinion, but since I'm the one that counts, I'll pawn it off as a fact.
See Houston, We Have Soup
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Lin said...

The soup looks GREAT....and inviting on this cold and foggy day.

vanilla said...

I bet it is good.

Ann Thompson said...

Thats a huge difference between those two pictures. The soup looks really good.