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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Last Minute Details

Today is my last day with Ester for this trip. We concentrated on final things that needed to happen for me to hike. We got the final groceries. We tried a pan of protein bars I wanted to try. They aren't very good, but now I know that. We did laundry.

We talked about taking a walk, but then it began to rain. We did go out to dinner at one of Ester's favorite places called Riverlake Inn. They have a pond and landscaping out back

landscaped pond

The bullfrogs didn't mind the rain.


The lawn has a number of purple martin houses. I was carefully stalking the birds I saw on top so as not to frighten them away. The joke's on me! When I got close enough to really see them I realized they are decoys!

martin houses

We did see some real martins fly in while we were eating. And on the way home we also saw a number of sandhill cranes standing in a field. But I didn't have the good camera with me.

The rain and gray skies made the colors of the redbud pop.


Tomorrow night I'll be at the campground with Marie. Hope to blog fairly often from the hike. We'll see. At least I'll put a picture a day on Facebook.

See Bullfrog
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Ann Thompson said...

Enjoynthe rest pf your last day

Lin said...

Oooh, that bullfrog is LOVELY! And the redbud tree too!

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