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Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring - Auto-load in Slow Mode

After those few strangely warm days in February, we now can't seem to get spring to move into gear. That said, on my walks of yesterday and today there were many indications that it's trying hard.

I've seen a fair amount of mammalian wildlife moving around: a woodchuck, squirrels, this rabbit. And the annual vehicular carnage has begun. Within a half mile of my house there are three dead opossums, a turkey and a porcupine.


My daffodils still have tight buds, but I found these along the road.


This wetland looks essentially the same as it did two weeks ago, so I'll spare you the second picture. Gray and brown.


And yet, I've heard the spring peepers and also chorus frogs. Heard a big plop today, and suspect it was one of these guys, a painted turtle. Picture taken yesterday.

painted turtle

Some of the best color is the weeping willow trees, which always look like yellow fireworks while they leaf out.

weeping willow

I'm hearing the early birds: robins, red-wing blackbirds, phoebes, mourning doves.

red-wing blackbird

But the greenest, prettiest tree was this white pine, which of course, is green all year. The picture does show how little else has greened up yet.

white pine

And yet, I brought home a baggie full of dandelion and wild carrot greens to add to my dinner salad. That's a good start, but it's double digit days of April. Time for more green!

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Ann said...

Yesterday it was over 70 here. It was wonderful. I noticed little green leaves on the tree so it won't be long. I even saw a couple dandelions. Daffodils are popping up everywhere the last couple of days too

Secondary Roads said...

Our miniatures were the first to bloom, and now all the daffodils are in blossom. It was nice to be outside in my shirt sleeves yesterday. It will be much cooler today.

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