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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Shagway Arts Barn Workday

I've taken you to this location before for Betsy's Book Launch. This is the Shagway Arts Barn in Hamlin Township. This will be their fourth season in business selling local arts and crafts and photography, and providing a venue for weddings, parties, etc. There are also occasional classes. I'll be selling books there this summer, and probably some crafts as well.

Shagway Arts Barn

Things aren't ready for sales yet! Nancy, the owner, has asked the artists to help with spring cleanup, so I went out there this afternoon to take a turn. Things look plain and bare with various piles lying around, but don't worry, when all is clean and the artists bring in their items this becomes a really attractive little shop.

Shagway Arts Barn

There are also some nature trails- about a half mile. Just enough for a stroll to stretch your legs.

Shagway Arts Barn trails

I found this interesting fungus that had grown completely around a branch.


You'll see this location again, as I give the venue a try for sales. Nancy says some books do well, so hopefully...

See Shagway Arts Barn web site
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Ann said...

I would definitely like to shop in a place like that. Even without it not being all set up I can see just how wonderful it will look when it's all ready for business.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- it is just your kind of place and your stuff would sell like hotcakes! It's in a summer/lake/tourist area (Upper Hamlin Lake where I "take" us fairly often)

Secondary Roads said...

I love your pix of trails. They always make me want to forget reality and go exploring--to discover what lies around the next bend.

Nancy Miller, Owner, Shagway Arts Barn said...

Thanks, Joan! Glad you came out to help with cleanup and especially, setting up the tree! Everything is coming along. I believe we'll have a wonderful season! See you soon...and hopefully, many more...

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- this might be about your length.

Nancy- hope my blog posts will get you a little publicity

Nancy Miller, Owner, Shagway Arts Barn said...

Think it already has!! Thanks, Joan! And for all your help at the barn! See you in May!

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