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Friday, April 14, 2017

What's in the Box?

Yes, I have a new toy. What is it? Of course you can read the name of the company I ordered from on the box and get a big hint.

cardboard box

It should properly be used outside. Maybe you guessed that.

tent in stuff sack

Lay it out and assemble the poles. Yup, it's a new two-person tent. I've now owned a number of tents in my lifetime, but this one replaces my all-time favorite two-person one. You've seen it many times. It was the blue Sierra Designs Half Moon. But it was 25 years old, and it took its last trip in Vermont. The company replaced the poles twice, for free. I'd replaced the netting in the door. I also replaced the zipper once. However, one of the poles has now split again, and the fabric itself is beginning to get tiny pinholes. I can't complain a bit... it has served many years and miles. But it was my favorite. It cost $235 in 1992.

Copper Spur tent

You know I love my one-person Big Agnes Fly Creek tent. So, I've been looking at their two-person tents. This is the Big Agnes Copper Spur, a $400+ tent, but I got it for $275 because it's last year's model! What a deal! Had to do it.

Copper Spur tent

They assemble easy as pie, easier actually. Making a pie is a lot of work. Here it is with the rain fly on.

Copper Spur tent

There are two features of this tent I'm going to like a lot. It has two doors, one on each side, so either person can exit easily. The other thing is.... it weighs just over 3 pounds with everything. That's a pound less than the Half Moon! We really like this style: rectangular (this one is slightly tapered), with a domed top and full rainfly. They shed water well even in heavy storms, and there isn't much the wind can catch either.

Copper Spur tent

Now, here's where you can laugh. This is not the tent I'm taking on this trip. We are base camping, not backpacking (Marie's backpacking days are over). So we'll be taking the big old green tent! It's about 23 years old. I can't find a picture of that on the blog. I probably never showed you because it's a very ordinary green Eureka dome tent. But it works well for basecamping. Not huge, but Marie (who is tall) feels less claustrophobic in it.

OK... now back to getting my gear together!

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The Furry Gnome said...

Amazing how they can make tents nowadays!

Ann said...

That's an incredible bargain from the original price. I like the feature of the door on both sides.

Ratty said...

What's in your box was much better than what was in mine. I only got a pair of kitchen tongs. I have always wanted a tent, but I've never had one. I remember when my uncle got one when we were kids. I got to go inside it twice. That was the first time I knew tents existed and I've wanted one ever since.

Secondary Roads said...

You should have a lot of fun with Big Agnes.

Lin said...

From REI?? I thought I recognized the Big Agnes name.

We splurged on an REI tent last summer and it is a DREAM! Well worth the money. I hope you have as much good luck with yours

Happy Camping!

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