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Thursday, April 13, 2017

What Plan-it are You On?

Aliens on the loose! Oh no!

The last face in a tree I found and shared was to introduce the huge list of items I wanted to do in a year.

face in a tree

This time the face is only startled by how blase I seem to be about getting ready to leave on this hike. I'm supposed to drive away from the house Sunday afternoon. Ha! I've already warned Ester it may not be till Monday. That's OK. I'm spending a few days with her before meeting Marie to hike.

I need this time away SO much, but can't seem to get myself in gear to finish getting ready. The preparations are happening, but slowly. The food is almost done. The gear is easy because I just follow my master list, but I do have to do it!

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Ann said...

This too shall pass. Enjoy your getaway

Secondary Roads said...

You'll make it--and enjoy yourself.

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