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Friday, April 7, 2017


Look what we have at work! A "new" strapper. It's huge. It needs a 3-phase outlet for power so now we are waiting on an electrician. But perhaps next week we'll have a strapper with a working conveyor belt. And this would increase the number of working strappers to two... which is what we really need. You may be able to hear us all cheer the day this is operable. No matter where you live.

strapping machine

And, I unloaded it from the truck because no one else was there. It was tricky because of the size and because it wasn't secured to the pallet (figure the why of that one out if you can), but I didn't damage it or anything else.

Ten hours at work today and now I'm headed back for 4-5 more. Not feeling so good about that, but o well, I'll like the paycheck.

See Our favorite strapper
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Ann said...

I imagine you moved very slow when unloading that. I would have been. I wonder why they didn't strap it down to the pallet. I guess they though they wood keeping the wheels from moving was sufficient

Secondary Roads said...

Strange. That's a lot of mass to be not secured to the pallet.

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