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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Spirit of the Woods Hike - April

I made the effort to get up and go on the monthly hike today. Great day! There were 17 of us that met, and 7 people turned around at the point to give them 5-6 miles. Ten of us went all the way to McCarthy Lake and back for a total of 8 miles.

McCarthy Lake

I love McCarthy Lake when it's not overrun with people camping and ATVing, and today was one of the good days.

McCarthy Lake

Here are the intrepid 10 who walked the entire distance.


Plus, Lily the beagle


and Sophie the dachshund did more than the 8 miles. Lily's radio collar registered 12 miles for her.


Both dogs are always very busy exploring, but Sophie gets around to being social too. Her "mom" says she really likes me. She climbed in my lap when I sat down.

hiker holding a dog

Good friend, Ramona, was also on the hike. She's been all over the world since retiring, so we haven't seen each other very much.


We ended where we began (it was an out-and-back hike) at the Big Sable River, by the Vince Smith Bridge.


This hike was pretty much the opposite of the hike I took last fall, 78.3 and walking, except for the two southern miles.

I got almost no sleep before the hike. My goal was to stay awake till 7 pm, but I've already fallen asleep twice trying to do this post. I think I'll move the party to bed.

North Country Trail, south from Vince Smith Bridge to McCarthy Lake and back, Lake County

See Big Sable Headwaters
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1 comment:

Ann said...

can a day get any better than that? Looks like Sophie is your new friend for life

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