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Saturday, September 16, 2017

I'll Take a Slice of That Please!

Coming home from work this morning there was one slice of a feature that was so compelling I stopped at a place I could see it better. I had to lie down in the wet grass to get a picture with no wires across the face. And the focus isn't great.

rising crescent moon

I took more photos when I got home, with a tripod, but by then the moon was high enough that the orange color was about gone. It only takes five minutes to make all the difference!

rising crescent moon

By the way, if you want to remember which "direction" the moon phase is headed, try "right rising, left leaving." This means when the crescent is on the right side the moon is waxing (heading toward full). When the crescent is on the left, like this one, the moon is waning (heading toward new or dark).

And, it ended up that I did take a picture yesterday, after I did the blog post game. The sunset was peaceful in pastels. Nothing gaudy, but beautiful in its own way.


In other news, little Steve turned 43 today. I called him. He's celebrating by having the flu, poor guy! But we did have a nice talk.

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Ann said...

I like these. I can never seem to get a good picture of the moon

Secondary Roads said...

I like that "right rising, left leaving" rule. I always figure it out by the sun's position and that the moon falls back by about 50 minutes a day. Your rule makes it faster to determine the answer to the waxing or waning question.

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