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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Adventures on the Way Home

There was one more place I wanted to hike before I left Ann Arbor. It was my favorite hike when I lived there for grad school- partially because it was close to where I lived, and partially because it's a lovely trail. You couldn't do the full loop when I first moved there, but then the city opened Bandemer Park at the north end and opened a closed bridge to the public.

After that you could walk on both sides of the Huron River, and make a loop of about 2.5 miles. At first, some was on sidewalk, but now it's all trail.

Huron River

I always enjoyed seeing the kayaks, canoes and sculls on the river, but now there's another water sport that is making itself heard. Paddleboards.

Paddleboard on Huron River

The west side of the river is more like urban path. Part of it is paved multi-use, but on the east side, the side I walked with dear little Chips almost every day, is an amazing oasis of natural pathway in the city.

Argo trail along the Huron River

Along the way, I passed the cabin that belongs to The Society of Les Voyageurs. Lots of great memories there. I stopped in and one of the student members was home. So I introduced myself (I'm considered an Alumni member) briefly and got to see some of the repair/remodeling work that has been done in recent years. I've been to some events with this group since I've been blogging, but maybe not at the cabin.

This is also a nostalgic oasis in the city. Since "we" own it, the city has to put up with the Society, but the large Argo Canoe Livery is across the street and next door is a park. We have this prime little corner of real estate, and have had the cabin here for almost 100 years. The city just has to continue to grind their teeth.

Habe Mills Pine Lodge

I actually lived just a couple of blocks up the street. Here's the house I shared with four other people. My room was the upstairs right window (and the window on the side). It was a small room, but I loved that space. It was a great place for me to spend those grad school years. Close enough to campus and stores to walk, but close enough to the river and trail to not feel like city.

611 Longshore Drive

On the way home, I stopped once for ice cream- Espresso Express flavor. Then when I got near home I stopped again to get in a few more miles on the North Country Trail. Just went south from Timber Creek and back, but added 4 miles to my Hike100 total, and the day.

North Country Trail

Summer leaves are pretty well developed. Spring wildflowers are gone. But I found half a robin egg.

robin egg

So I walked 6.5 miles today. The four miles ups my Hike 100 Challenge total to 28 miles.

Tomorrow I need to hunker down and write!

Bandemer Park trails and Argo Nature Area trails loop- 2.5 miles
North Country Trail, Timber Creek south to Wingleton Road and back- 4 miles

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Ann said...

The shady trail would make for a very pleasant hike. Love the looks of that cabin.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- the cabin is a special place. The inside is wonderful

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