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Monday, June 4, 2018

Vocabulary Enrichment by Chuck and Sylvia

Although I'm at a new destination tonight, I spent last night and today with Chuck and Sylvia of Secondary Roads.

They are blog friends who have truly become real-life friends. Selfies are usually goofy looking, and this is no exception, but at least we are smiling.


They speak fluent Spanish, and spent several years in South America. Sylvia has continued to use her language skills, and stays in touch with a number of families. They (Chuck says only Sylvia) are advising me on some vocabulary and cultural pieces of the next children's book, The Bigg Boss.

So my vocabulary word, taught with a hands-and-teeth-on lesson is empanadilla. Sylvia makes the tortillas from scratch. These are filled with cheese. Pretty darn yummy lunch, and I won't forget what this food item is!


Their wonderful garden looks like a garden in early June in Michigan- a little empty! But look at all those rhubarb plants in the back. Rhubarb forever! We also had fresh red romaine lettuce and New Zealand spinach. Lots of promise in those little green plants.

newly planted garden

We had some great visits. Talked about genealogy (I CAN'T let myself get sucked into that tunnel right now! but we had some fun anyway), played a game, and visited some more.

This afternoon I visited an "old haunt" in Ann Arbor. I'll tell you more about that another day.

See Chuck & Sylvia's Garden in August
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Secondary Roads said...

Hooray! I beat Ann to the first comment. No hard feelings, I hope, Ann. What a lot of fun to talk about things we are all interested in. Just wish we had another 24 hour together. Spanish and Hispanic culture were big in our conversation, but even bigger was genealogy, family trees and discoveries in family history. They may not all be pleasant.

Sylvia and I eagerly await your visits, Sharkey.

Stepping under that apple tree solved the high-contrast problem for the group shots.

We'll think of you when we warm up seconds on those empanadillas. I'll put some hot sauce on mine next time.

Ann said...

No hard feelings Chuck. Since you're featured in the post it's only right you get the first comment. I'll be back to beat you tomorrow though...lol
Sounds like the three of you had a great visit.

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- I'll leave the hot sauce to you!

Ann- I could add you to my list of stops on some trip east if you want.

Lin said...

Okay...I am envious! This looks like a TON of fun...and a delicious lunch! I wish I could have joined in.

I am not sure how it happened, but gees, we have really great people in our little blogging circle. It's amazing!

Sharkbytes said...

HI Lin- we sure do! We'll get our hike in some year.

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