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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dow Gardens - Architecture

There are still a couple of days of my seminar, and time for blogging is limited. I'll give you another quick look at Dow Gardens today. Herbert Dow is the man who founded Dow Chemical Company. His home is in the center of the Gardens. It's basically a Craftsman bungalow style, but huge. Tours are possible, but not the day I was there.

Herbert Dow house

One of his sons, Alden, grew up and became an architect. He also liked to experiment with creating new materials. Apparently he invented the tiles that form the siding for his house, near one of the edges of the Garden. Yes, the water is right up there practically level with the patio. Or do you call it a dock in this case? At any rate, the lines of the roof are interesting.

Alden Dow house

Here's another view of Alden's home.

Alden Dow house

Now I have to scoot and do my writing assignment for tomorrow.

See Dow Gardens
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Ann said...

"But not the day I was there" is usually what happens to me when I want to check something out

Secondary Roads said...

Well, Ann did it again. Great minds . . .

Sharkbytes said...

Ann, Chuck- story of my life, mostly!

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