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Monday, November 25, 2019

Frog is Gray Today

I'm enjoying observing my little froggie! She seems extremely happy in her tub world, but I'm worried about her food situation.

Anyway, even though they are nocturnal, she spent a lot of the night under that block I put in there for her to hide under. But today, she crawled up on the branch... tree frog, right? She sat in this fork for about six hours.

And, on the gray branch, look what color she turned. I told you they could change!

gray tree frog in a terrarium

I backed out here so you can see her little vacation condo. I have managed to get a small daddy long legs and three live fruit flies in there. I have no idea if she's caught anything to eat. Of course, there might have been some insects in the litter I put in the bottom. I'd love to see her catch something, but I'd probably have to watch every minute.

gray tree frog in a terrarium

Later in the day, she climbed even higher and stayed there for a couple hours.

gray tree frog in a terrarium

Now she's back down in the lower fork.

I know we are messing with her rhythms. She's in the kitchen and we keep turning on the light to get coffee or a snack or whatever. It would be better if her night matched the one outdoors. I think I'll keep her one more day so Steve can see her (probably he won't care, but O well, I have to be an educator mom, right?). Then I'll let her go. It's supposed to rain on Wednesday, so that might be a nice moist day to re-introduce her to the outside leaf litter. I have to assume she did not start life in the bathroom! Ha.

In other news: I wrote my newspaper column in the morning after I finally got up. Worked late into the night, not because I was being good, I was simply obsessed and couldn't stop. This is why I get things done. Then I had to do a bunch more stuff to be ready for the rest of the week.

See Visitor in the Bathroom
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Ann said...

Well if nothing else you are enjoying watching her.

Lin said...

She would eat earthworms if you can get some of those. Maybe a bait store? Pet stores would carry crickets or meal worms too.

Secondary Roads said...

An interesting color shift on your visitor. Hers is an interesting story.