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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Hyla versicolor Demonstrating Her Name

Look at my little friend today. She climbed to the very top branch in her little condo.

tree frog on small branch

And then she was opening and closing her mouth. This picture isn't in very good focus, but it looks to me like she has something in her mouth! Is she eating one of the spiders? That would be good news.

tree frog on small branch with open mouth

But she showed the real range of colors today, "versicolor." They can vary from nearly white to almost black, and I think she's got all that down pat. These colors are pretty much what I saw, and not some trick of the lighting. Earlier today, she was very dark.

tree frog in a terrarium

This evening, she was nearly white.

tree frog in a terrarium

And remember, when we caught her on Sunday night in the bathroom, she was bright green.

Anyway, she's going outside to fend for herself tomorrow. Even though she seems happy in the little tub, I did some research and you have to keep things moist but watch for mold and clean it out, and buy food, and this tub isn't tall enough... I think I need to let her go. I've become strangely attached, though. She's super cute!

In other news: We picked up Steve at the airport, but then when we got home I went to bell choir and writers' group. I'll try for family pictures tomorrow.

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Ann said...

She is rather cute. I hope she does well when you let her out tomorrow.

Lin said...

I LOVE your little frog friend! Yes...it's hard to let her go, but it will be best. We used to bring our frogs in, but I think it is better for them to live naturally. Besides...it's a pain in the neck to keep up the container and deal with buying food for them. She probably should be hibernating too.