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Friday, May 17, 2024

Miscellaneous Plants

  Today, I'll just share a few odd pictures I haven't shown you yet.

However, the first photo is brand new. Taken about an hour ago before the flower closed for the night. Not only did my ice plant survive (I've previously killed two), but it is spreading and happy. This isn't the main clump, but when I was weeding today, I discovered it already had a flower! Delospermia dyeri, 'Red Mountain Flame.'
red mountain flame ice plant

Here's one from the forest. Nothing special at all, I just happen to like it. It's a plain old hawkweed, but this one is called Rattlesnake Weed, Hieracium venosum. It keeps the purple veins all summer, but in spring it's all very dark red. You can see one in bloom at the link below.
rattlesnake weed leaves

Back to the rock garden for some bright white. Two little clumps of Arabis sturii, Wall Cress, survived the long years' night of no weeding. I got this in 2001. It's never looked this good. They have now finished blooming and are spreading like crazy. Wow. You can see one of the sad little puddles of it I discovered while weeding last year. It's quite amazing in its recovery.
wall cress

The pasqueflowers just keep on giving a great show. This is 9 weeks after the first blossoms, and the seed pods are just as cool as any flower, especially in the sun.
pasqueflower seed heads

Finally, here's one to make a liar out of me. I didn't think there would be any other different daffodils, but this is a double Pheasant Eye Narcissus. These seem to have mutated from the single ones. I now have a fairly good sized patch. I need to move them.
double pheasant eye narcissus

Now for the really big news. I have completed the first draft of campsites for all 4800 miles of the trail! Onward to editing (another day).

I am oddly tired today. Maybe it's because the temperature got "up there" for the first time this year. I think I better make some fresh ice tea for tomorrow. I think I'll reward myself by sitting still with a book this evening.

Oh yeah... I tried to get the lawnmower going. No. Of course, no. Sigh. There just aren't enough hours.

See Hieracium in bloom


Ellie said...

I love all your rock garden pictures. This is such a beautiful time of the year. thank you for sharing. And congratulations on finishing all 4800 miles of campsites! What an amazing job.

Ann said...

Your rock garden is really thriving this year.

Sharkbytes said...

Ellie- thank you!

Ann- it is SO happy. I'm not sure why, but I'll take it