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Monday, May 6, 2024

Close Enough!

 I'm starting with the trailer loaded to go to the township cleanup day last Saturday. That's because the long-term solution to my house cleaning problem is that a lot of stuff has to GO. Well, we made another little dent in it.
utility trailer loaded

One big issue on my list was the sink I was unable to unclog very well last summer. The reason there are so many links at the end of this post is that although this iteration of "the big sort" is nothing like really cleaned up, it's light-years better than the previous working status events shared at various times over the last year.

Got the fitting apart without much trouble. I guess I was just too frustrated after the big toilet fix in July to apply myself to the problem. The assembly that holds the stopper under the sink is just a little too long to fit nicely between the pipe and the wall, and it's a pain in the you-know-what. But I got it apart. Here's the culprit.
clog from a bathroom sink

A video would have shown this better, but I think you can get the idea that the water is gushing, and not collecting in a pool. Just because it's mandatory, I have to tell you again that I hate plumbing.
water running in a bathroom sink

One big piece of cleaning up the house was to open the trailer for the summer. I can't leave cushions or fabrics in it over the winter because I've had problems with mold. So the cushions and all kinds of stuff have also been piled in the dining room. Long term, I have no good storage options unless I do serious cleaning in our one good outbuilding. Not happening soon.

So, I uncovered and started airing Sunny out a couple of days ago.
small travel trailer

I'd been getting the cushion covers washed over the winter, so I did the final two. Put everything back together and did a moderate cleaning. No immediate plans for us to go traveling, but I want Steve to be able to see my Sunny.
interior small travel trailer

Now for the inside spaces. Here's the living room. Still stuff piled behind where I am, but this is an amazing amount of usable space given what it was. I still have to run the vacuum cleaner, but I'll get that done.
living room

And I saved the stunning transformation for last. OK, there are still piles you can't see in the picture off to the left, and not everything got dusted, but I am rather amazed that I was able to sort and condense what was there enough to basically clear the necessary space to use the table.
dining room

I still also have to clean the upstairs bathroom, but that's not a huge project. It just needs a quick cleanup.

Steve will be here about 2 pm tomorrow. I have a car full of stuff to recycle in the morning, and a trip to the store to do.

Let's not talk about all I did not get done. I know this still isn't anything like CLEAN. But little by little it's getting done. Maybe I'll live long enough to sort it all. The next crisis will be to get the lawnmower going.

No writing happened except to edit a couple of files in response to some emails that gave me up-to-date info on some places.

I'm whipped, but I do hope to run the vacuum yet, and maybe start on the bathroom.

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Ann said...

Awesome job. You got a lot done. Now you can relax and enjoy your time with Steve.

The Furry Gnome said...

You deserve a big thanks!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- no relaxing today! Maybe tomorrow

Stew- Omer is probably the happiest of us about finding the table. He really likes things clean. I really like to do projects.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "The house looks great! So bright and sunny inside!"
Oona: "Oona thought Sunny was outside."
Charlee: "No, see, Sunny is the trailer, but it's also sunny inside."
Oona: "Why is the trailer inside?"
Charlee: "The trailer isn't inside, it's just sunny inside."
Oona: "If it's just the trailer inside, where is everyone else?"
Chaplin: "Who's on first?"

Lin said...

It looks awesome!