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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Game Day!

 We had a leisurely morning, and then went out for lunch.

After that... we always pack in the games whenever Steve comes home. The trick is to find ones that all four of us can play and are willing to play (Each of us really dislikes at least one of these). Some are traditional ones. Sorry works.
playing the game Sorry

It's become something of a tradition that I come up with some silly things that are different each time.
ball wrapped in plastic wrap

The biggest drawback to this has been that I haven't been really successful at finding prizes that people actually wanted. So this year, I made an "Easter Basket" board with prizes on them that we had to earn game points to acquire. There were various things ranging from 3 points for a snack, 5 or 10 for some small items, and several were for gift cards of the winners choice for 20 or more points. So anyone could choose something they wanted, and not get stuck with something they didn't want.

And how did one amass points? The winner of each game got 3 points, second place got 2, and third place got 1 point.
game prize board

Oh, you want to know what that ball was for?

There were point tickets wrapped in plastic wrap around a basketball. You had to unwrap it to get the tickets. But each person only got to unwrap until the next person threw doubles with a pair of dice. And, wait... You had to wear work gloves while unwrapping. There was one 5-point ticket in there, and Steve got that one.
playing a game with a ball wrapped in plastic wrap

This game involved finger shooting weird stretchy plastic chickens and trying to knock over the targets.
shooting finger chickens

Another standard game we like is Waterworks. Steve has decided he doesn't want me to show pictures of him, so you are basically getting random body parts of his.
playing Waterworks

We did several more regular games, Uno, Cootie, one called Trash, and Old Maid.

But this was the super silly one. I wan't sure I could get them to play it, but they did. We played in teams. One person is throwing something at the other one.
throwing corn curls

But what? The reciever was wearing a shower cap covered with shaving cream. The thrower was tossing cheese curls. Despite all the protests about it being gross, everyone played. That's a win for me! (P.S. Shaving cream really stinks! How do guys put that on their faces?)
shower cap covered with cheese curls

One of the most rewarding things for me is that one of the prize choices was trading points for donations to an organization I discovered this past year called Peace Trees. It was founded about 30 years ago by Vietnam Veterans. They work to disarm live ammunition that is still being found in Vietnam, and to then replant trees in the areas that were so dangerous. A significant number of the prize points were traded for that.

And, we still have one more day together! We may play some games, but not the crazy stuff for points.

Yes, this was a lot of fun. No, I do not want to do this every day. But every few years is great.

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Ann said...

That does sound like a fun day. I like all your game ideas and definitely like the way prizes could be won.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "That looks like a fun day! Our Dada would totally be aiming to win the Reese's!"
Java Bean: "Ayyy, the waterworks game reminds Dada of a game he used to have on his phone where you had to get water flowing through pipes, except that game also involved setting up fans to blow water around and all kinds of other crazy stuff!"

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- the prize board was a huge improvement

Java- I think I would like Dada's game. And I took the Reese's!