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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Sedum Scramble

 This is a report on how some of the many sedums are doing. Also, Since I got some of them last year at maturity, I'm learning what those ones look like as they come up. I'm posting all these partly for you, and partly as a record for me. I think we'll do some today, and some another day.

One that is strikingly different in spring is 'Angelina.' Later in the summer it has light green, sprawling leaves and a tall yellow flower. You can see that at the link below. Here's how it looks now.
Sedum Angelina

Another that I did not have at the beginning of last year is 'Thundercloud." This one gets tall with white blossoms (also in link at end). I like the little mounds it's in now. Both of these two were gifts from Betsy.
Sedum Thundercloud

This is one I bought last year. I had previously killed a couple, but the lady at the store said she'd never had one die, so I tried again. It looked so pathetic last year that I never even showed you. I split the very crowded pot into three spaces, and it looks like two of them have survived, and are doing well for sure. It's Sedum hispanicum 'Pinkie.' It stays very small. I think maybe white flowers. I'll just have to be surprised later.
Sedum hispanicum pinkie

And one more I bought last year that did well, and it looks like it is still very happy. This is 'Bright Idea.' It looks very much like it did last year, but that is just fine. This was about the size when I bought it, and it looks the same in May now, so I hope it will spread as the season progresses.
Sedum bright idea

And just because I like it so much, although I've had it a couple of years, this is 'Dream Dazzler.' I split it last year, and both clumps look fine, although this is the biggest.
Sedum dream dazzler

Finally for today, one I've had forever. I'm not even sure where I got it. Probably free from Matthaei Botanical Garden. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes straggly. But I like how it's filling in around my turtles. This is (I think) Sedum rubrotinctum 'Pork and Beans.' That said, my leaves have never gotten as large as most of the documentation says, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is. You can see a little pink sedum between the turtles. Hope I can find a record of what I put there. It might be 'Cherry Tart,' since I only had a little sprig of that.
pork and beans sedum

It was a little chilly to work outside very much. I mostly worked on the book, but this section is hard. So far, only 53 miles done for today.

Tomorrow is looking like it might be a real outside day!

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Ann said...

Everything looks great. I like your turtles.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- they were a gift long ago from friend Betty