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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Got Him!

 The kiddo is here, and we ate at the clean table. Om says we better do that quick before I start another project. I forgot that Steve has decided he doesn't like pictures, but he'll have to let me take a few because I'm the mom.
family eating dinner

None of us like the same foods (and there are a lot of things Josh can't eat), so I just baked a bunch of potatoes and put them out with toppings. I did make a mixed fruit bowl that went over well, too. So the meal was a success.

No writing, editing, or even opening of the book file happened. And, probably nothing is going to happen yet tonight. I am totally beat. Steve had to get up early to catch his plane, so he already went to bed. The biggest treat for him of this week will be not having to go to work. He says the best part is "no meetings." Omer went to bed because he had to leave his conference early to get Steve at the airport and then drive home. So I'm the "last one standing" at only 7:30 pm!

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Ann said...

Yep, the mom gets to take pictures if she wants to...lol

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- you got that right!