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Monday, May 27, 2024

Oyster? Hedgehog? Angel?

  I thought I was going to pull photos from previous blog posts to really illustrate the answer to this question. However... Although I know I have taken pictures of all of these choices, I apparently haven't put them on the blog. Huh.

OK, so the question is: When you see a stacked off-white pile of fungus growing on a tree, what is it?

The first question to answer is: Does it have gills or teeth on the underside? This one clearly has gills.
oyster mushroom

That narrows the choices to Oyster Mushroom or Angel Wings. Well, I'm no fungus expert. I asked a friend who is. She says this is oyster because the gills are fairly far apart and the caps are thick. But I should have smelled it. The oyster smells (strongly?) seafoodish. It was too high up for me to smell it, but next time, I'll try.

I did find one picture from 2104 of old, decaying Angel Wings. I always think of them as having thinner, upturned caps, but maybe they don't start out upturned since the pictures in the book I'm using don't really show it that way.

Both of these are edible, and pretty highly favored. I haven't sampled them.

The Hedgehog has teeth (lots of them) and Stacka Hydnum Mushrooms have pores instead of gills. Hedgehogs are pretty spectacular, actually. I know I have at least one picture of a Hedgehog. I might even know where it is.

So far today, I've edited campsites for 6 hours. Might try to do a little more. Minnesota was a mess because I hadn't really settled on a format when I went through it the first time.

The biggest news is that Om and I went to see the movie Sight. Highly recommended. True story, inspiring and touching.

See Sterling Marsh Again


Ann said...

No matter what kind they are, I always find them interesting to look at.

Bonnie said...

When I read this post last night, CW and I already had plans to see the movie Sight today. I concur with your recommendation. It was excellent! We can always tell a great movie because we are both crying at the end of it.

We continue to enjoy your daily posts. I recently was looking through some of my blogs from when CW and I hiked the BT. I ran across the one where we just "happened" to meet you and Ester. Good memories.

Bonnie Spencer

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- me too!

Bonnie- that was a fortuitous meeting! And fun, too.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "The most important question is, can we climb up there and sit on it?"

Sharkbytes said...

Charlee- I'll bet you can