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Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's All Josh's Fault


I had great plans for today. Our friend Josh was coming over after church, and we had decided to make waffles with fruit toppings. We have managed to adapt my traditional waffle recipe so that it's healthier for the Om's heart, and still tastes good. I was going to take a wonderful picture to show you of golden waffles piled high with strawberry glaze and whipped topping. The waffles were perfect, the glaze was thick and red. We forgot to put the white stuff on, but it was all so yummy that we didn't miss it. And I forgot all about taking a picture.

Then I was going to take a long walk with the dog and find some interesting natural item to share. But Josh started talking about how he wanted to learn how to operate a blog, so we played on the computers for a while until he had created his first post.

Guess what? Then it was already 5 o'clock! So, for today, I'll introduce you to our wild and crazy, artistic friend Josh. He loves to talk and debate. He doesn't have too much content yet, but you are invited to visit his new blog No Solutions. He's excited to be joining the blogosphere.

No outdoor adventure today? It's all Josh's fault!


The Silver Age Sara said...

What a wonderful day you and Josh had. I love those days where you look at the clock and wonder how time passed.
I'm off to visit his blog now.

The Silver Age Sara said...

Just wanted to say I did visit Josh's blog and I enjoyed the picture he had posted.

Rick (Ratty) said...

It's just as fun and important to introduce someone else to things like blogging. It's every bit as much of an adventure as discovering the outdoors.

Sharkbytes said...

Mountain Woman- Thanks for taking a peek at No Solutions. I hope he really uses it to express his feelings, because he has a lot to say. He's set up... now it's up to him.

Ratty- Yes, it was an adventure.