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Monday, February 23, 2009

Is There a Puppy In There?

Just a funny picture of Maggie. She insists on sleeping under a blanket, which I still think is hilarious even though she's almost 10 years old.

The next clue about Thursday: It involves a number that also appears in this post.

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Rick (Ratty) said...

My old dog, who looked a lot like Maggie, liked to sleep under a blanket too. She would stand there and whine if she couldn't get under it by herself.

rainfield61 said...

What need to be said? Only one word: Funny!!

Joe Todd said...

I found your blog when I joined the outdoor blogger summit.I like your blog and your writing. I am sure we have some things in common
thanks Joe Todd... Been a long time since I had any dogs

Joe Todd said...

I read the 1st chapter of your book and enjoyed it very much, Am now listening to your trail podcast. I didn't know about "trail Podcasts" Thanks.. Where in Ohio was your car vandalized (just curious). I live close to "Hocking Hills" area do a lot of short hikes there. Zaleski State Forest has some "backpacking trails" Joe Todd

pamibe said...

How sweet!!

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Joe- Thank you for reading! And the podcast too- you are a real trooper! The car incident was in Paulding County. Sad to say, I've had more bad people experiences in Ohio than any other state.

Pamibe- Ah! Of course the lady with two long, lanky dogs would like the legs. Pet Jack and Scout, and tell them that Maggie would love to play.

Joe Todd said...

I'm not sure about being a trooper. My wife tells me I spend way to much time on the computer and that is true. Every winter I wonder why I still live in Ohio
Joe Todd

Lin said...

Don't you just love those sweet puppy paws?! :)

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Lin- I DO love puppy paws! And the little tippy tail too.