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Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Look at a Jack Pine


Again, it wasn't a day that offered an obvious note of wonder. But I guess I took a lesson from my post of a couple days ago about perception. Jack pine is probably my least favorite conifer. The trees are brittle and scraggly, and they are often short lived. I rarely give them a second look. We have a row of them along the back edge of our property, and I am happy to have them only because they are better than no trees.

But today, as I was turning up the hill on my morning walk I glanced up at this single jackpine and realized that is is actually quite handsome. See, I shouldn't fall into forming preconceptions, even about trees.

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BorneoAngler said...

nice post1

The Author said...

Yes, they are beautiful. Different certainly but just as beautiful in many ways. Your blog and your photos are fantastic!

rainfield61 said...

"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows". This is what I have read recently.

Anonymous said...

yes, it is actually pretty, being alone there further adds to its mystique.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi everyone-

Kaki- it's not a fish (you need to see Paper Bag with Fish for a post for you), but I'm glad you like it.

Mountain Woman- do you have jack pine in Vermont?

Rainfield- "so beauty grows..." I like it.

Bethchai- I think that is why it looks better than most of the jacks, the fact that it is all alone. It had room to spread out.

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