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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rhythm and MetaData

Today I have something from the right side of my brain, and something from the left side. It's always a guessing game which is in control.

tree and shadow curved in mirror image

I've been trying to get this picture for quite a while. Everything has to be right... the time of day (so that the sun is in the right place), the brightness of the sun, the smoothness of the snow. I like the way the tree just seems to be one with its shadow.

That's all I was going to post today, but this afternoon I learned something that I think I should have known years ago. I like to think that I'm computer literate, but somehow I didn't know this. I feel very ignorant, but I'm so excited about this that I have to 'fess up, in case you don't know either.

I have been dreading taking the time to set up a database to keep track of my pictures which are getting out of hand. But today I learned that I don't have to... it's built into Windows. You can use this for any file, but I'll use it mostly for pictures. Open a folder or drive window, select a file. Then either right click and choose properties, or you can use the menu-- File/Properties.

Once you have that open you can change the name on the general tab. On the summary tab you can add a title, subject, keywords, and a description. Those are all searchable with the Windows search function. So I can put my photos in multiple groups by keyword and FIND THEM AGAIN! I am so happy!

And, if you select Advanced on the summary tab you can see all the info about the picture- the f-stop, shutter speed, lens length, all that stuff!

file properties window

See Shadows are Not Always Sinister
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Anonymous said...

Haven't looked to see what camera you're using, but some of the newer digitals have settings that will let you record all that with each photo as you download it to your computer.

I agree that having those keywords helps immensely when searching for a specific photo, though! And I'm sure there are tons of people who don't know this tip.Thanks for taking the time to outline it and it's usefulness!


Daisy said...

Oh this is something that I should try sometime...

Thanks for the tip! Do come by anytime at my various blogs. And I'd like to know what's your cup of tea :-)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Margaret- The chances of my getting a better digital are pretty remote at this point unless this one breaks- and even so I won't be able to upgrade much. But I'm an amateur- your photos are amazing!

Daisy- Glad I could share something useful. My cup of tea? The outdoors- isn't it obvious?

Rick (Ratty) said...

I knew about all of this stuff in windows, but I didn't really ever try to use it. I'm still learning about cameras, so I don't quite know how that stuff can help yet. This is one more thing that makes me interested in learning more though.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Ratty- My digital pix are only partly organized, so I am really happy to find a way to tag them and put in multiple categories. I'm going to try to be diligent about labeling new stuff and at least dabbling with the older.

I still take my SLR on hikes, but the last batch of pix isn't so good. Not sure exactly why- old film, not much sun, not a hike with nice vistas, etc, etc. And now the camera needs a repair too. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

Oh, this is so nice! I love shots of shadows but haven't really captured anything near as striking as this. I imagine the tree and its shadow swaying to and fro...
Very nice!