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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paper Bag with Fish

I swear I am not making this up. Today the weather was ditto of yesterday. So we did another road walk to try to avoid soft snow and mud. But this time we took the 4-mile loop. It's not much more interesting than the 3-mile loop, but it takes me past the son's place, and his door latch is broken again, so I said I'd look at it.

In the photo below you will see a paper bag on the snowbank along a rather boring road section. So when I got to the bag, I just had to look at it, right?

I have to admit that what I found had never once crossed my mind as a likely item to be in the paper bag. Fish. So here is today's roadside still life: Paper Bag with Fish.

What is REALLY funny, is that if my standards were really low I could have had quite a balanced meal between yesterday and today. Fish, grilled cheese, and two smashed butternut squash that I spared you from seeing. And here I thought that road walks were uninteresting! Clearly, I just need to readjust my thinking.

The power of suggestion was such that I made a grilled cheese sandwich for my dinner tonight!

And the day began at an hour I rarely see. Hubby went in the ditch doing the paper route. He's fine, the car is not too bad. But I had to go "rescue" him and we did the route together. There was an amazing moonset- the moon was a huge orange ball slipping behind the hills. Consider how bright it must have been to catch the orange dot in the left picture. And then an hour later, I saw the sun come up from the kitchen window. Not great pictures, but a really odd set for me to see!

See Grilled Cheese on Snow
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Bonnie Story said...

Paper Bag and Fish in Snow -- Just wonderful, wacky and offbeat -- exactly the kind of thing that sparks the imagination! Wonder how the fish got there? Were they chucked out the window of a speeding truck? Judged as too smelly and abandoned? Maybe the fish were trying the amphibious lifestyle and got caught out on the prowl? It's just so odd. Wonder what the next find will be?

pamibe said...

Wow, a paper bag with a fish in it... that's the kind of thing I'd not be surprised at finding down here, but... tossed on a snow bank? Lovely! LOL!

Rick (Ratty) said...

I'm actually looking forward to what you might find next. The only problem is that you keep finding smellier and smellier things.

Sharkbytes said...

Bonnie- the things people apparently throw out of car windows astounds me. A couple of years ago, in the same location as the fish, I found a whole bag full of home canned food. Makes me wonder if they come out of the back of a pickup somehow, but there is no big bump there, and those things seem to heavy for the wind to catch. It's a mystery!

Pamibe- hey, you get no corner on weird!

Ratty- we are supposed to have a record high tomorrow. I'm sure a skunk or two will wake up and get smashed! I'll save you one.

Lin said...

Oh, gees, that's funny! Paper bag with fish--that's kinda how I got the name of my blog (duck and wheel....). You'd have to read the post I guess. Anyway, as always, love to stop here. Did you see my oppossum picture today?

Anonymous said...

wow, grilled cheese and fish, indeed, you're seeing a meal, i so wonder how the fish got in there. with the snow, it made the fish look so interesting.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Lin- Yes- bizarre is the word. I read your duck and wheel explanation a few days ago. Didn't I comment? I need to be better about that. Just went and did for your little possum.

Betchai- there are plenty of winter fisherman around here, but it's a mystery why someone would throw them away.

RNSANE said...

I just can't imagine that someone, after a day of fishing in the cold, just tossed those fish. He must have dropped them without realizing it!!