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Monday, February 9, 2009

Perception is in the Perspective

Well, I'm amazed at the great interest generated by grilled cheese and fish! There is certainly no way I can top that today. In fact, the grilled cheese has been dragged off and eaten by something. Don't know about the fish... it's farther away and I felt no burning need to go check it out. Nothing has shown much interest in the smashed squash.

I'm going to show you the plain old stems of a winter garden plant. This is Sedum spectabile, Autumn Joy. You might even have it in your garden; it's pretty common. I like the interest of the winter stalks. But the first picture is just looking down on it- you can hardly tell it from the background. That's how it looks now, so much snow has melted the past two days.

Now, here is a picture that I took a couple of weeks ago. Same plant, but with a little more snow, from a different angle. I like this one a lot. Should I wax philosophic and remind myself that I need to look at more things from a different angle?

See Rock Garden Remnants
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Ratty said...

The two pictures make it look like a completely different place. I'm happy to see all the snow going away, but I think it will be back.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ratty- Yes, the warm days have been quite a treat, but we know it's way to early to get too attached to the idea!

Lin said...

I love sedum because it is 4 season loveliness, which is hard to come by for most plants. I love late winter, when, if you look closely, you see the teeny sprouts coming up under those browns stalks. Sedum whispers "Spring is coming" before the other plants even know the snow is gone.

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