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Monday, December 19, 2011

Birds on a December Day

Did assignments all day long, worked all evening on the reporting. Tomorrow will be ditto, and I just got 11 more cases that are due by the 29th. Let's see... I can go out tomorrow (already in the plan). Then Loretta comes tomorrow night. I can go out Wednesday (don't want to right after she comes, but you'll see why it may be the best plan). Can't on Thursday- Josh has cataract surgery. Can't on Friday. Josh has followup. Theoretically could on Saturday, but the day before C-mas... I'd rather not. Saturday night we go to GR to pick up Steve. Sunday- C-mas. Steve can stay till the o-dark-thirty on the 28th. So I don't want to go out on the 26th or 27th since we haven't seen him for two years. I guess I could go out on the 28th, but there's no wiggle room there for errors. Yikes!

Let's talk about more fun things than schedules. How about birds of the day?

First we have an ordinary crow, but I caught it flying.

crow flying

Next we have some wild turkeys. I missed the chance to bring you a really funny video. One turkey, near the back of the pack, kept sticking its head straight up and then taking a jump... a straight up popcorn jump! I finally figured out it was pulling autumn olive berries off a bush, but when I turned the video camera on, of course he wouldn't do it again.

wild turkeys

Here's a little tufted titmouse at someone's bird feeder. I wish it would have stood in silhouette to show the crest, but instead you get a front view... makes him look like he has a Mohawk!

tufted titmouse

Those are all pretty typical, gray, December pictures. How about something brighter and funnier? Not wild birds, but these made me laugh. The ducks were quacking, the hens cackling, and the rooster even crowed for me!


I actually have something really nifty to show you, but I have to locate some pics from earlier in the year to go with the ones I took today. That will be a good thing to save for a "slow news day!"

I'll be out taking more pictures of houses, and hunting for surprises for you tomorrow.

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Loretta said...

I think you should work on Wednesday. Definitely better then all the other options and you will be much more able to relax...a little at least! See you tomorrow night! Going to read more about Ana on the plane...

eileeninmd said...

Great series on the birds. Love the cute Titmouse and the turkeys are a great sighting. They better run and hide. Great post and photos. Happy Holidays!

Secondary Roads said...

That would have been funny to watch that berry-picking turkey. Enjoyed the pics, as always.

Ann said...

sounds like you've got a pretty tight schedule for the rest of the year.
Too bad you didn't get the video, that would have been fun to see

spotted face said...

Great photos!

jeanlivingsimple said...

I am jealous of your getting visits from turkeys. I only hear them.:(

Titmice are tough birds to photograph. You got a great shot!

Merry Christmas Joan!

Sharkbytes said...

Loretta- You are here! Glad you made it safely, and yup... I'm going out tomorrow.

Eileen- as soon as the turkeys saw me taking pictures, they ran for the woods

Chuck- I'm really sorry I didn't get it... it was too funny!

Ann- I hate being that crazy busy, but the income is good, and we sure want to see Steve.

Casey- how nice to see you! Thanks.

Jean- This was one titmouse that was actually not so nervous about sitting still. He just seemed determined to face that one direction.

RNSANE said...

It would be nice not to work at all but I know, all to well, how badly not having that income can be. I'd be enjoying India more with a bit of cash to spend...though my friends here are so generous, they will absolutely not allow me to contribute a penny toward anything. I end up paying them back in other ways - having four cases beer sent to the house for the Christmas festivities, ordering things I overhear them say they need...talk about wonderful people.