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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wood on Water

Today was gray; I did almost nothing and I have a stiff neck. So I bring you some assorted images from earlier in the week that I just like. Two are on the Little Manistee River, and the bleached root was on the Pere Marquette.

reflected trees

reflected trees

water bleached root

See Color or No Color?
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rainfield61 said...

Stiff neck!

Work too hard??

Elvirah said...

Amasing pictures you've got. Those woods fallen in the water is like as if it needed more attention and so it did.

Secondary Roads said...

Sorry about the stiff neck. Very interesting patterns on the water.

Ann said...

stiff neck, no fun. Rained all day here. Made me want to come home and take a nap all day

Lin said...

I think I see some green....

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- not hardly... probably old age

Elvirah- I guess it wanted a final turn before disappearing under water

Chuck- water just makes everything more interesting!

Ann- yeah... rain and gray sure does that

Lin- must be a fluke. We're headed for white really soon.