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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Under the Knife

Don't be confused at the fact that half this post is serious and half is kinda funny. It's just that there was an odd connection between the events at the two ends of the day.

For starters, Joshua had cataract surgery this morning. This was not a typical cataract, but was associated with the traumatic cataracts he's had since his childhood in VietNam (probably a shrapnel injury). We hope it will improve his vision, but it's not an absolute certainty.

eye surgery patient

Everything went fine, and I took him home about five minutes after this picture was taken. I suspect he wanted to go there, rather than here, because he has more channels on his TV.

I think we've finally kicked into Christmas gear... more on the festive parts another day. But you may remember Galluzilla...no? Sure you do, it just didn't have a name the first time around. (Gallu- comes from gallus, the Latin word for the common barnyard fowl; zilla- do I really need to explain?) This is the 30-pound plucked fowl that I, unfortunately, threw in the freezer whole.

Don't worry though. It spent two days under water in the (scrubbed) laundry tub. Next task... dismemberment.

cutting up a turkey

Do you think there's enough for all of us?

huge turkey drumstick

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Secondary Roads said...

That's one huge bird. Maybe if you don't eat it, it eats you? :)

Ann said...

Not a fun day for Joshua but wishing him a speedy recovery.
That is one huge fowl. I do hope you plan on cooking that gargantuan drumstick first though....lol

Rick (Ratty) said...

I hope Joshua comes out of it better than ever.

That might be the biggest turkey leg I've ever seen.

wenn said...

hv a speedy recovery. Merry Christmas!

Lin said...

WOW! That thing is HUGE!!

I hope Joshua is feeling better and he has a good outcome from his surgery.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sharkey!

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- when it was still running around I think I wouldn't have messed with it!

Ann- yeah... raw poultry doesn't really appeal

Ratty- biggest one for me!

wenn- thank you so much

Lin- and to you too, my zany friend!

chrisair said...

I am hat's off on how did you slaughtered that into pieces, I'd probably goes hungry or it will take me days to slaughtered it. Merry Christmas!

RNSANE said...

I always buy the hugest turkey I can find...like having leftovers to make mulligatwany soup and all sorts of other good things.

I'm sure, by now, Joshua has recovered. I hope his vision has improved.