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Monday, December 12, 2011

West Shore Concert Choir

One should never plan ahead too much, ya know? I AM telling you about the Christmas concert, and I got to see it yesterday. The "plan" was that I was going to see it again tonight, at a really pretty church. I went yesterday with my friend, Loren. Her husband, Dave, was one of the singers. Then I found out that the date for the next concert is tomorrow, not today, and I'm busy tomorrow night. But, I did get to see it once.

Today was not an ideal day. The paper route thing caught up with me and I felt awful, all day. That means tomorrow should be better!

Now, for the concert- There was a mixture of sacred and secular music. The director was Becky Sopha, who also directed the Flash Mob Hallelujah Chorus last year.

West Shore Concert Choir

There was a good amount of variety for a choir event. One of the pieces was accompanied by an oboe, another of my favorite instruments.

West Shore Concert Choir

A couple of smaller sub-groups of the choir sang, including these four ladies who call themselves "The Four Flakes."

West Shore Concert Choir

I can't imagine that pictures of people standing still and singing are really engaging when you don't know the people and have no auditory memory of what they sang, so I'll stop with the images.

But you can be assured that I had a very good time, and am sorry that I can't catch the group a second time. Yes, it was that good.

I also liked spending the time with Dave and Loren. They are generally hiking friends, but we've done a few concerts and things together too.

OK... I'm taking my fuzzy head and weird stomach and going to bed.

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Rick (Ratty) said...

I love concerts like that. Get well soon, but take your time to do it.

rainfield61 said...

Oh no.

"The spider" did visit the concert.

Did it?

Carol said...

Thank you so much for taking notice and sending us your nice thoughts. It means so much to me that fellow bloggers here in Entrecard take notice and care!
Best, Carol

Secondary Roads said...

Except for the paper route, it appears that you had a good time.

Ann said...

The four flakes, I like that. I enjoy concerts like that. Hope you're feeling better

Lin said...

Oh, those early hours and the paper route are really taking their toll, eh? I hope you are feeling better now. After a nap...or two.

Sounds like a nice evening. I like doing those sorts of things this time of year. It's nice to just sit and enjoy for a bit.

Reena said...

Oh, a morning paper route sounds painful to me! Definitely a map is required! The music program sounds fun, especially those "four flakes"!

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks, Ratty- All it took was sleep at the right time.

rainfield- I'll bet there were some spiders there, but I was not looking carefully for them.

Carol- I don't comment on your blog often, but I do read... hang in there.

Chuck- yes. The concert was excellent!

Ann- all better now. Thanks!

Lin- I'm trying to take advantage of some budget-friendly ways to enhance my thin holiday spirit.

reena- I just don't do that time slot well at all. The concert WAS fun- a nice mix of serious and light music.