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Friday, December 30, 2011

How I Found My Way to Hollywood

First of all, let's be clear... I did, indeed, make it to Hollywood.

Hollywood Avenue Sign

How I got there is something else altogether. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go on assignments again while Loretta is still here, but I did have to go out this morning. One of the places I had to go was actually kind of exciting for me. Yup, Hollywood.

But, probably not for the reasons you think. This short Avenue is found along the Lake Michigan shore. Today's view, pre-storm, and with light fog...

Lake Michigan

The trick is how to get there. The road that leads there angles off of Morton Road just north of Cooper Creek. Here's a picture taken from Morton Road. The road I needed to turn on is named "Old Freesoil Road."

I've been wanting to explore there for a long time. In the first place, the name is really odd... the road is miles and miles from the village of Freesoil, and doesn't lead there by any stretch of the imagination.

In the second place, I have not found any map of that area that is correct. Today I took four maps with me: Google, DeLorme, Mason County map, and the Manistee National Forest map. Not a one of them shows all the roads correctly. OK, then! So I turned from Morton onto Old Freesoil Road. Here we go...

Old Freesoil Road

I was really glad to do this assignment this morning, because we were actually supposed to get snow today (but we didn't). I don't think I want to drive this area in the snow. Nope, not even me.

The road branched and wiggled and the sand got looser and looser, and of course, none of the branches were labeled. After about a mile I got here.

seasonal road

Well, that Forest Road number wasn't on ANY of the maps I had. I took it for a while, then turned on another that seemed to head toward the lake. It wandered around and got narrower and narrower, and finally dumped me right back near the corner of Morton and Old Freesoil. So, now I know where THAT road goes.

I turned around and went back far to the north, and tried to come in from that direction. Success! I found Hollywood with no problem, and the house I needed even had the number on it. Whew!

That was my last assignment so I tried continuing on Old Freesoil Road to see where I should have come from the south. Turns out, it's really easy when you know which unmarked sand road to take...

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rainfield61 said...


You are now a Hollywood star.

john bain said...

That lake looks very forbidding!

I have tried to buy your book on Amazon, but it is only available as a kindle. Of am I just a hopeless case?

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Secondary Roads said...

You seem to find adventure in most everything you do. Thanks for letting us "ride along."

Ann said...

I would have been hopelessly lost and most likely would have driven around in circles for hours :)

RNSANE said...

Well, I guess you need to add cartography to you talents and get one decent map of the area for the folks who need it. Nice pics..and it doesn't look like the Hollywood I know.