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Sunday, March 24, 2013

"I'm Handsome and I Know It"

One of my favorite birds is the ring-necked pheasant. They aren't native to the US, but were introduced for hunting so many years ago (in the 1800s), that they are completely naturalized.

The males are extremely showy, and the females have a more subtle beauty. Actually, "ring-necked" is applied to a lot of subspecies as well. This species seems to be "Common Pheasant," Phasianus colchicus.

This particular one sure is strutting his stuff!

male ring-necked pheasant

You can see a female at Hen Pheasant.

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Ivy said...

Those markings are pretty, and his color makes a nice contrast against the snow.

Ann said...

He is a handsome one. Love the pose you got him in

Secondary Roads said...

They certainly are showy fellers. I saw one on my lower lawn just the other day. Their population was much higher around here a few years ago. Perhaps it's coyotes keeping their numbers down? I don't see many human hunters going for them.

vanilla said...

Nice capture of a proud bird!

Lin said...

Wow. That's some LONG spam! Sheesh.

Was that thing walking around your yard? He sure is lovely!

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