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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ray, Jr. Here Again

Sorry, you just have to hear a little more about how Dad was involved in the roofing project.

Om reminded me this morning that once, long ago, I yelled at him for throwing away a jar of bent nails. Well, of course. One only used new nails for something that was really, really special. The first carpentry skill I was ever taught was how to straighten a nail so it could be reused.

This brings us back to the roofing project. I only had to buy a very few new nails for that whole thing, because, you guessed it, I saved almost every nail from taking off the old shingles.

roofing nails

And what about the disposal cost for all of the old broken shingles? Nada. I used them to fill holes in the driveway. Carefully checked to be sure every nail was out, they are working great.

old shingles

Recycling used to just be the norm. People made do, and some of them beat it into their kids. Especially those who lived through the Great Depression.

Ray, Jr., signing off.

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vanilla said...

Another graduate of the School of Straightened and Re-used Nails here.

Ann said...

I'm thoroughly impressed. I'm thinking you've got to be the queen of do it yourself, recycling and making do.

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

My spouse is a notorious nail-straightener and we look for creative ways to reuse and recycle "waste" from all our projects. Our trips to our local dump/recycling center happen monthly and most of what we take ends up in their recycling options with only a single bag heading for the actual landfill.

Nicely done and yay! to your dad!

Secondary Roads said...

Waste not. Want not.

I too recycle.

Sharkbytes said...

Vanilla- I knew we had a lot in common.

Ann- of making do, for sure

Rose- We recycle so much that we put out about one bag of trash a month.

Chuck- I am not surprised.

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