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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Crockpot Christmas Kale


I asked for one gift for Christmas, and I got it. I wanted a crockpot. Now, I know that any of you who really know me will think I'm a crockpot for asking for one, since you know how much I "love" to cook. However... I do love soup.


You may recall that I bought a drop-dead-gorgeous kale for Christmas food. It's the whole center of the veggie plate- a ruffly green and white rosette. I knew no one except me would eat it, but I wanted it so much I didn't even look at what it cost. (And I still haven't looked on the receipt.)


Just a few other veggies, and some beans, and 9 hours in the new crockpot, and voila... dinners for the week.

crockpot kale soup

P.S. I didn't get as fancy as the "recipe" said. I just soaked some navy beans overnight, dumped in the stock, tomatoes, water, beans, carrots, celery and the chopped kale, with some Mrs. Dash. Real food. Real easy.

See Christmas in the Carhartts
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Duxbury Ramblers said...

We love our crockpot (slow cooker) use it often.

Rick (Ratty) said...

That looks delicious. I have come to appreciate my crockpot. I learned how to make soup in mine a couple of years ago. I never before believed I could do anything like that.

Ann said...

I bought my daughter a crock pot for Christmas. That soup looks seriously good.
It's always nice to walk in the house after a long day and have dinner ready and waiting in the crock pot

Lin said...

I like stew in the crockpot, but the kids hate it. :( I have to make it when they are not home.

There are lots of cookbooks out there for your crockpot--make sure you get one. Once you start using it, you'll be hooked!

Secondary Roads said...

That soup sure looks good!

Unknown said...

Glad you got what you wanted, Joan. I like kale too.

betchai said...

hmmm, that looks so yummy!

Sharkbytes said...

Carol- I think I will too

Ratty- I think it's hard to goof with them.

Ann- I was home, but the smell developed all day. MMMM

Lin- lots of web pages too!

Chuck- I'd share if you were here.

Jean- people either love it or hate it!

betchai- nice to see you! And it is yummy.