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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mixed Amenities

I stopped at dark for the night. At this time of year that is strangely early. This trailer pulls really nicely, and I'm getting increasingly comfortable with it, but don't want to continue in the night today with no certain place to stop. I didn't make it as far as I'd hoped, where there was a campground which would let me stay off-season where I could have electric plug in. However, it was at least 30 minutes off the interstate, so that wasn't too appealing.

Of course, Jean and I didn't want to say goodbye this morning. We are so happy to get reacquainted! So, I got a late start and only made it just past St. Louis. This leaves me more hours for tomorrow, but I think I won't mind going past dark, knowing that I can make it home for the night.

Anyway, tonight I'm parked for free at a Pilot gas station/truck stop. No electric, but I'm charging my phone in the 12V plug in the trailer. My inverter doesn't seem to want to work in it, so must use computer quickly so as not to use up the battery. But my WiFi hot spot on the phone is quite wonderful! Free is good. I'll deal with the rest.

I'll spend my first night in my trailer!

Here are the images of the day. Two of Missouri roads and one snapped out the window in a hurry of the St. Louis Arch. Wish this trip didn't have to be so rushed, but more relaxing times will come.

Missouri road

Missouri road

St Louis

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Lin said...

You have a trailer??? :)

The Furry Gnome said...

Boy, I think I'd be excited if I was in your position today! And you'll have even more interesting stories for us.

Unknown said...

Pics of the rig!?

Ann said...

"on the road again" is going to end up being your theme song....lol

vanilla said...

Welcome to the World of RVing!

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