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Monday, December 16, 2013

It Just Keeps Coming

And of course, I'm talking about the snow. Not that I'm one to complain about snow. But I sure wasn't ready this year. We haven't had real snow this early for a long time and there were outside things I needed to get done. Not so good. But here it comes anyway.


Today, I went out on the snowshoes. Not really necessary, but enough snow on the ground that it was fun. It's always more fun to snowshoe than to walk in boots. The skis are temporarily out of commission until some gluing occurs.


And what else keeps coming? Christmas. I'm not big on decorating, but I do usually get around to my blue and white table decor. I have enough doo-dads collected now that I can make it a little different every year.

polar bear decor

I was going to add a link to a different configuration of this decor, but apparently I haven't featured it before. Huh. So, enjoy it. (I'm sure I have, but just can't find the post)

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vanilla said...

So, even a lover of all things winter finds snow to be an impediment, sometimes. Table is very nice. I have always wanted an all-blue Christmas tree, but have never done it.

Ann said...

I'm never ready for the snow no matter when it comes. We got quite a bit over the weekend.
I like your blue and white table

Lin said...

I like the blue and white table--I love that combination of color. I have a blue and white quilt that I stitched years ago...it's so lovely.

Do you just have that display up at Christmas?

Sharkbytes said...

Vanilla- I love the blue and white lights that hang from eaves

Ann- I sure wasn't ready this year!

Lin- yes, I just have that out for Christmas (well, and until I get it put away again...)

Secondary Roads said...

My tractor has been getting regular workouts. And that keeps the driveway passable.

RNSANE said...

Everything I have that is related to Christmas is packed away in storage. I have a whole set of beautiful holly Christmas china, service for 12, that I tried to give to my DIL, but she wasn't interested. She did take my huge service of white, platinum rimmed ( well, not really platinum, of course, with little raised white flowers ) so, so, at least, it didn't go to Goodwill, and she decorates nicely for Christmas. I have always loved this time of year.

Your table scene in blue and white is charming, Jo.

Unknown said...

Only just finished my decorating today. For Christmas I have a red and white checked tablecoth with a white lacy one on top. And a couple of candles surrounded by holly sprigs and stuff. Oh, and one year soemone gave me Christmas themed placemats so they come out as well. Your blue and white theme is delightful. According to forecasters, some areas of the UK will have snow on Xmas Day. Bet it's not us though.

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