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Friday, December 13, 2013

Here's the Candelabra, BYO Candles

You've seen this species of tree here before, but never with so many seed pods. Doesn't it just look like a candelabra waiting for tapers to be placed and lit for Christmas?

tulip tree seed pods

Yes, it is the lovely tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera. Wouldn't it be an amazing sight with a candle glowing in each one of those little holders?

tulip tree seed pods

I've fixed one for you. You'll have to use your imagination on the rest!

tulip tree seed pod with candle

See Revisiting the Tulip Tree
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Loritenor said...

Very cool...love the candle, but a full tree would have been awesome. :D

vanilla said...

That is a Merry Christmas tree!

Secondary Roads said...

It would be beautiful! And like an old-fashioned traditional Christmas.

Ann said...

oh my, I can just imagine what a whole tree full of candles would look like.

RNSANE said...

Spectacular...I've got a great imagination but I would so like to see it done by YOU. I used to be a fanatic for candles in the house.

Anonymous said...

Very nice idea. Too bad you couldn't put candles on all the flowers.