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Monday, April 28, 2014

Day Off


I gave myself a day off, and did only a little bit of necessary stuff. It's going to be a very busy week. And wet. I needed a breather.

These snowdrops aren't mine, but were in someone's yard where I worked last week. The continuing cold weather has kept the spring flowers from really showing up, so I'll take them wherever I find them.


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Ann said...

You deserved the break and I think after you get through your busy week you should give yourself another one :)

Secondary Roads said...

I do like the way they brighten the day.

Unknown said...

How marvellous - snowdrops! Many years ago we planted some in our lawn and it was a wonderful sight to see them in flower before the grass began to grow.

It always leaves one optimistic at the thought of better weather surely coming along upon the sight of this delicate, tender flower.

Did you know that there was also a summer snowdrop? I believe it is called a snowflake and it has a slightly larger flower bell ... I've not got any of those either. Now I feel like I need to go to a Nursery and do some shopping for some bulbs!!

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