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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Serene and Small

These are three more pictures from yesterday. I have something quality to show you that I worked on today, but I'm saving the pictures until it's done. (Tomorrow I hope). But it's not a problem, because there is more fun stuff from my little walk yesterday.

Part of the path is right along the Pere Marquette River. This is one restful scene where some cedars grace the far bank.

Pere Marquette River

I also saw some very large pixie cups. Some are close to an inch tall, twice what I think of as usual. But they are out in the open instead of hiding in the grass like the ones I found in my back yard.

pixie cup lichen

Also found one kind of clubmoss. There are several that commonly grow in the area, and I'll bet I'll find others on this walk if I keep my eyes open. This is bristly clubmoss, Lycopodium annotinum. It's about three inches tall.

photo label

It's always bright green and shiny. It looks like someone spread plastic festoons in the woods. (Well, I just discovered I already showed you this yesterday. OK, I'm tired. Going to bed soon)

See A Pixie Hiding in My Grass
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Anonymous said...

Those pixie cups look more like golf tees....cute!

rainfield61 said...

The mini pixie cups are cute and interesting.

And are my favourite.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Oh, thank you for sharing your springtime walks with us ~ I truly enjoy it!

The Furry Gnome said...

Great picture of the pixie cups! I was trying the same thing yesterday and found it hard to get the depth of field I needed. Looks good.

Ann said...

I like that first picture. It looks like a good place for a picnic

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