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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Manistee Lake- South End

Out doing work assignments today, and that put me in a location to see Manistee Lake from a new angle. Manistee Lake is a body of water formed from the Manistee and Little Manistee Rivers. I think it's a natural lake. Which is to say, not created by a dam.

This is looking north from the southeast end where the Little Manistee Flows in.

Manistee Lake

It's really sort of an ugly duckling, because it's been so heavily used for industry. Instead, Manistee has embraced the Lake Michigan shoreline for recreation.

Manistee Lake

Nevertheless, on a sunny day, the water is blue, and there are usually some anglers out in boats. The oldest sections of Manistee are located on this lake, pretty much just beyond that factory you see. It has expanded north and west, and the city center is now along the outlet of this lake, on the Manistee River, between Manistee Lake and Lake Michigan.

The pictures were taken from the village of Stronach.

See Curious By the Manistee
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Ann said...

it's always nice to get a new perspective on something. This might not have the greatest view but it's still rather nice

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Even an ugly duckling is worthy of honor and respect. :)

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